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    About Us

    Jill, Raff, their chefs and staff welcome you to L'Ortiche - the foremost restaurant in Sauze d'Oulx, serving a wide variety of mouth-watering Italian dishes with the emphasis on quality and freshness.

    All our food is prepared freshly by our professional, experienced chefs. We always source our produce locally where possible and pride ourselves on buying premium quality beef (from Alba in Piemonte) and fresh, tasty seafood from Italian suppliers.

    Our customers love the welcome and ambience you can only find in L'Ortiche whether in winter or summer...come and find out!

  • Menu

    Sample Winter Menu 2013/14

    please note that our menu changes depending upon what is freshly available.

    Tagliata di Black Angus con funghi porcini
    Strips of Black Angus steak with porcini mushrooms

    Stinco di agnello con demi glace alla menta
    Roasted lamb shank with a delicate minted glaze

    Nocette di cervo ai mirtilli con polenta grezza ai ferri
    Deer braised in red wine and blueberries served with grilled polenta

    Cuberol di Black Angus ai ferri
    Entrecote of Black Angus steak on the grill

    Vegetarian and Gluten-free courses also available
    We always have daily specials - for our latest menu - please contact us

  • About Us

    First Courses/ Antipasti e Primi

    please note that our menu changes depending upon what is freshly available.

    Zuppa di orzo con verdurine
    Thick and creamy pearl barley and fresh vegetable soup

    Risotto ai funghi porcini e rosmarino
    Wild porcini mushroom and rosmarino risotto

    Pappardelle fresche al ragų di lepre
    Home made papparedelle pasta with a rich wild hare sauce

    Gnocchi di ricotta dello chef con filangč di fior di zucchini su crema di melanzane
    Home made ricotta gnocchi with sautečd courgette flowers on a bed of creamy aubergine

  • Prices

    Our Wines/ I Nostri Vini

    We pride ourselves on a great collection of reds, whites and roses from Piemonte to Sicily to suit all pockets:

    Barberesco D.O.C.G. * Castello di Nieve * Barberesco D.O.C.G. Giribaldi * Barolo Giribaldi D.O.C.G. * Brunello Montalcino. Frescobaldi. D.O.C.G. * Greco di Tufo. Marianna. * Cabernet Sauvignon. Nero D'avola. Hugonis.

    Premium Wine collection

    For that special occasion you might like to try our Premium Wine Collection - some of the best in Italy: * Sasicaia * Ornellaia * Solaia * Amarone Santi * Brunello Montalcino. Frescobaldi * Lamaione. Marchesi di Frescobaldi * Montesodi, Castello di Nipozzano. San Giovese * Mormoretto Castello di Nipozzano Barrique * Nebbiolo Sfursat Cinquestelle

  • Information

    Information/ Informazioni

    L'Ortiche (pron:LOR-TEE-KAY) was previously Del Borgo. Our new restaurant is at Via Assietta 4, near the church (on the main street that goes through the old town) in Sauze d'Oulx.


    Monday to Saturday (inc) We are open each evening from 19:00/7.00pm onwards!
    Sundays We are open for lunch from 12:00 and in the evening from 19:00/7.00pm

    In Summer Join us for delicious food alfresco on our outdoor terrace.

  • Happy Sauze

    Happy Sauze is a celebration of this mountain community in conjunction with Pharrell Williams and the UN International Day of Happiness. Enjoy and share!

  • Contact Us

    Contact Us/ Contatti

    Please call us on Tel: +39 0122 850329 or +39 3923 210179 (mobile) to reserve a table or send us an email using the button on this page.

    Bookings are recommended (especially for larger groups).

    We also cater for special events so contact us about birthdays and parties in addition to our special Christmas, New Year and Easter celebration meals.

    If you would like to email us please use the button below

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